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Placing Orders

What does my order status mean?

An order can have three possible statuses:
1. Incomplete - This means we have not received the information about your payment.
2. Processing - This usually means we are preparing and packing your order.
3. Waiting for bank transfer - This means we are waiting for your payment through bank transfer, this usually takes 2-7 days.
4. Shipped - This means your order has shipped.
5. Cancelled - This means your order has been cancelled.

How do I cancel my order?

You may change an order online up until you click Confirm Order during checkout. Once you confirm, we will not process the order until we receive payment. So if you'd like to cancel the order, just don't send us payment and we won't process the order.

If you have already completed payment, please email us as soon as possible. We will try to make necessary arrangement with you.

I want to buy more, but your stock is insufficient.

SourcingMap's advanced information platform automatically notifies the appropriate factory, so we will have replenishment stock in about a week after we receive your order and payment.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We have no minimum order sizes or volume requirements. Whether it's one unit or a full container, buy only what you need for your business.

Can I change my order after I've already paid for it?

Please always inform us first if you wish to make changes to an order you have already paid for. Your order may have been processed or sent out already. If you want to make changes, please let us know immediately. If you email us asking to make changes, we will hold the order until you have confirmed your instructions.

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