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>> >> Digital Camera Tips/Questions

Digital Camera Tips/Questions

Does the Virgo digital camera come with a North American compatible AC adaptor?

Yes, this digital camera has an AC adaptor that can be used worldwide.

What is the difference between optical and digital zoom?

Optical zoom on a digital camera works the same way as the zoom on a regular 35mm camera -- the lens physically moves in and out to bring the subject closer or move it farther away without sacrificing picture quality. These moving lenses allow a range in optical magnification that runs anywhere from 2.0x to 10.0x. The higher the optical zoom on a camera, the farther away you can be to take a photograph and still get a clear, close-up image.

Digital zoom is a software simulation of optical zoom using no moving parts. Simply put, the camera crops the picture and enlarges it, filling in the extra pixels by guessing what the picture may look like in a process called interpolation. This results in a loss of quality and is not unlike cropping and enlarging an image with editing software on a computer. Instead of using the digital zoom on your digital camera, you can use editing software on your computer and have more control over cropping and enlarging the picture.

Many new models of digital cameras are advertising both optical and digital zoom capabilities. Most of these cameras have a feature that automatically uses digital zoom when you have exceeded the optical zoom limitations. You may choose to disable or shut this feature off so that you know exactly what kind of quality picture you are taking.

The images coming out of the digital camera are dark and the color is not right. How do you fix this?

Please try the following settings on the camera:
1. Set the white balance to Automatic.
2. Turn off special color effects, leaving color settings at Normal.
3. Set flash settings to Automatic.
4. Set the Picture Quality to the highest setting.
5. Don't tingle while taking photoes.

What does LCD stand for?

Liquid Crystal Display, used in flat screen monitors and laptop computer screens, digital cameras and many other electronic devices.

How should you clean an LCD screen?

Use a soft cotton cloth, a microfiber cloth or computer wipes made specifically for cleaning LCD panels. Apply a cleaning fluid that is safe for LCD panels onto the cloth, not directly onto the LCD. Water, diluted vinegar or diluted isopropyl alcohol will be safe. Do not use ammonia. Wipe gently, in one direction.

How do you get rid of red eyes in flash photos of people?

Red eye is caused by the flash reflecting off the red retina in the eye, back towards the camera. To reduce red eye, turn room lights on as bright as possible and have your subjects look at a point away from the camera. If your camera has a red eye reduction mode, use it. Use Porters red eye retouching pen to quickly and easily remove red eyes from your existing prints.

How do you get rid of shadows when taking flash pictures of people?

Move subjects farther from the background -- 5 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters) away if possible. When shooting vertical shots, tilt the camera so the flash is above the lens, not below it.

Pictures taken with a telephoto zoom lens are not as sharp as those taken with a shorter focal length lens. Why?

The decreased sharpness is most likely the result of small movements while holding the camera. As lens magnification increases, so does the effect of motion on a camera that's handheld. For example, a picture taken with a wide-angle lens at a shutter speed of 1/60th will usually be sharp but will probably show some camera movement with a 300mm lens at that same shutter speed. A handy rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed no slower than the reciprocal of the lens focal length when the camera is handheld.

How can you make digital camera batteries last longer?

Here are some tips for conserving battery power:
1) Turn off the digital camera when not in use or in between picture taking sessions. Since it does take a few seconds for the camera to turn off and then on, consider which is more important: conserving power or leaving the camera on in order to snap photos quickly.
2) Many digital cameras have both an optical viewfinder and an LCD viewfinder. While the digital LCD viewfinder has its benefits, it can drain battery power. Turn it off when applicable and use the optical viewfinder for taking pictures.
3) Refrain from reviewing photos after each is taken. Reviewing photos for exposure, lighting, etc., is necessary at times, but reviewing too frequently can use up your digital camera's battery power.
4) Take care when using MicroDrive media, as these miniature hard drives may use up quite more power than Compact Flash cards.
5) Finally, bring along some extra charged batteries so as to not run out unexpectedly.

What kind of batteries does the Mercury Digital Video Camera use?

It uses 2 AA alkaline batteries.

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